Pairing Up
Chapter 5, page 3

E3, Los Angeles, 1999

She wasn't the confident, sexy type she imagined he dated, given the seductive hints their voices gave off on occasional calls to the office. But a girl could dream, and it certainly made each day dawn bright and exciting when you had a crush on your boss.
    Today the cubicles at zDepth were buzzing. Tark had announced he was taking the entire core team - programmers, artists, sound engineers and QA leads, 30 folks in all, to E3. The big boys' Pleasure Island that was the Electronic Entertainment Expo 1999, was housed at the Los Angeles Convention Center, but the fun didn't stop there. Tark had entree to the Playboy Mansion, Hard Rock Cafe and other after-hours venues where the real deals, and real fun, were made.  Rebecca was to come too, to assist Tark in the myriad of technology demos and industry press meetings that were required of the zDepth founder and CEO. The staff would ride to L.A. in a chartered bus. Rebecca would drive with Tark, in his custom sports car. She sunk into a delicious agony of indecision over what to wear, how to do her hair, and how to compose herself during the entire 3-day trip.
    "We'll stay at the Bonaventure, downtown," directed Tark as Rebecca furiously took notes pertaining to their trip planning. "I want your room near mine. Pair up the rest of the team."

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