Wizards and Witches
Chapter 4, page 5

Wicca and Goth Girls

It wasn't obvious to Rebecca at first, but eventually she was clued in that Gina and Molly practiced Wicca. The sheer strangeness of their pierced tongues, celtic tattoos and tattered, Victorian-era garments fascinated Rebecca, who loved all her fellow employees at the startup.  They worked long, fun-filled hours together, sometimes until midnight and several times all night. Rebecca ordered pizza meals and snacks, kept the breakroom fridge packed with bottled drinks, and often leant a hand playtesting new levels or recording voiceover for one of the wizard rabbits that gave in-game tips. She loved to dress her avatar in the latest warrior fashions from the art department, and run through the labyrinth medieval passages that wound beneath a fantasy planet.  She was reluctant to fight her co-workers when they appeared as adversaries, and preferred chatting to swinging her laser shooting battle axe.
   The pre-release buzz for the game was enormous, with calls coming in from gaming magazines and web sites requesting screen shots and interviews. They were still 18 months from the most optimistic launch date, but everyone was excited about the look of the game, it's innovative use of 3D technology, and the multiplayer aspects. Most of the screenshots featured the prototypical warrior player, weapon in hand though in a relaxed standby stance, with a breathlessly strange world fanning out behind him, the atmosphere frightening in it's dusky realism, giant moons rising behind a far-off horizon. That "atmosphere" with it's countless tiny floating particles, swept aside by your fighting moves,  that reflected light and carried shadow so that you imagined you really could feel a space and be in it, was the brainchild of one of Rebecca's favorite co-workers, Howie Brighton.

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