Daily Calendar
Chapter 4, page 1

Rebecca greeted visiting clients and recruits, answered calls through her headset, hoping she looked a bit like Madonna on stage, and kept Tark's calendar.
    Each morning Tark dropped a single rose, zinnia or lily into the bud vase, murmurring "'morning 'Becca" as he swept into his office. Rebecca took home every day's flower as part of her closing routine. Dorothy admired each one as Rebecca recounted the busy day's events, and by the end of the week they enjoyed a gorgeous bouquet.
   Tark Newsome was handsome and lean with carefully combed black hair, kept tame with salon hair products, a smile that flashed both sets of teeth and a penchant for faking sports moves, reinforcing his directives with air golf swings and faked football passes. Tark wore blue jeans that showed just the slightest amount of wear and white button-down shirts delivered weekly by Fed Ex in neat stacks of 6. Rebecca knew their brand and size as she ordered them in batches. Tark wore a new shirt each day, wore it only once and then, Rebecca supposed, donated it to charity. Or maybe to girlfriends who slept in them as souveniers.  "He must have lots and lots of girlfriends,"she mused then startled as Tark beeped her. Rebecca grabbed her Day Planner and hustled into Tark's office. As always, he leaned back in his ergonomic executive chair and said "What do you have for me?"
    Tark teased her early on that she should use a handheld organizer. "Just expense it to the company." But Rebecca preferred pen and paper for Tark's morning briefing.  With each item that she read off the list, Tark would mutter "Next...next." as he swiveled behind the slab of redwood found during the old mill's renovations and transformed into a remarkable desk.
   Rebecca loved this time each day when she had Tark completely to herself as she rattled off the items that would engage him for the next ten hours. Once Tark's laptop awoke with a musical flourish, he quickly became absorbed by it's glowing demands. His silence and staccato key tapping were Rebecca's cue that their briefing session was over. She returned to her desk and slid her headphones into place.  Within moments, Tark would call without greeting, and in his distracted, driven fashion recite more items for the daily calendar.

The Boss Poll
Your boss thinks highly of you if...

...you are given lots of direction all the time.
...you are left to your own devices.
...you get positive reviews, a hefty bonus, and regular promotions.
...he asks you to sit on his lap every payday.

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