The New Girl
Chapter 3, page 5

There's a New Girl at School

    "Don't worry, stupid," teased Cindy. "I hate that bitch. She's all over J.D. and she's not on our team."
    Rebecca felt a shaming rush of relief, Could she have J.D. again? Is that what Cindy meant? She swallowed a huge mouthful of spit and shook her head vigorously, her grin like a clown's. "Sure thing, Cindy. I'll tell her." and for some humiliating reason that felt bad to her core, added "I hate that new girl too."
    The new girl was petite and curvy, nothing like the tall, lean girls J.D. normally slept with, the Lady Bobcats basketball team.  Her name was Angela, though everyone called her Angie.  She was in Rebecca's home economics class. Rebecca waited until Thursday, after rehearsing many different scenarios late into the night. The longer she waited, the worse she felt about it.  All she wanted was J.D. again and the amazing comfort of his body on top of hers. But to have that, she would have to set up this girl for who knew what. Something embarrassing and mean for certain, knowing Cindy and how she played her games.
    Sleepless, fevered for J.D., Rebecca sidled up to the new girl and trying to give it Cindy's effortless cool said "Hey, bonfire Saturday night. I hear J.D. likes you!"
    "No way!" exclaimed Angie, looking pleased. "If I did come, where is it?" Angie was eager, awkward, trying to ask as if she didn't really care.
    "Above Lake Sierra, by the old shack. Just drive to the end of the parking lot, you can't miss it. We usually get there around 9:00."  Hating herself, she added "It'll be awesome, you should really come!" And that was it. Rebecca had paid the price and maybe, paid it so well that there would be a reward.

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