You're Cute
Chapter 3, page 4

The oaks were dry that rainless autumn, and the grass beneath soft and springy as a straw bed. Rebecca melted into J.D. as they sank to the ground. The air was cool but J.D.'s jacket and arms blanketed Rebecca. She had never felt so warm and fluid. Laughter and chatter in the distance, a beer bottle breaking, the snapping of logs to flame, a quiet rush of the waning Bears River as it poured into the reservoir.
    J.D. knew what he was doing and Rebecca was eager. The first time was a little painful but gave her sudden knowledge. "Oh, that's how it works. That's what that's for!"  They sipped a can of beer and then J.D. began again.
    "I love you," sighed Rebecca, "I love you."
    J.D. mumbled something into her hair.  She heard "you're cute..." and then he lifted her off the ground with a powerful thrust and words were no longer.
The Condom Poll
If a guy refuses to wear a condom...

...have sex with him anyway or he will dump you.
...don't even bring the BC subject up. It's a turn-off.
...not to worry, you're on the pill and he looks clean.
...dump him. He's obviously a selfish jerk.

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