Last Will and Heartache
Chapter 3, page 3


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    "You'll need to sell the mansion, Nate." said Earl.
    "And the land," reminded Grant "Don't forget those excellent acres you still have left. You could develop a whole neighborhood. Call it Quail Oaks or some such for the city folk."
  "That Lily was one for selling off the acres. Made a good living for herself too," Earl added.
   "But not yet, Nate. Prices are lousy. Maybe in another 10 years" said Grant.
   "Maybe in another twenty" advised Earl.  "Sell in another 20 years and your wife and daughter will live like queens.  That'll be in 2000 or so, the next century!"  Nate thanked the brothers for their advice and had them add it to his Last Will and Testament, not as a requirement but as a recommendation.
   "We'll be sad to see you go Nate," exclaimed Earl as he opened the bar doors and pulled out a bottle of whisky and three glasses. "Anytime soon?"
   "Surely not 'til we get there first to lay out the welcome mat," joked Grant.  "I've got this big belly here ready to push me over to the other side."
    Nate didn't answer, just drank his whisky neat and thanked the brothers for their time.

Solitude and sadness

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