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Rebecca's Teen Scene
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Cindy, however, did, and that instinct played out in the school hallways and weekends parked at the reservoir as much as on any basketball court.
   Cindy Slater was the most popular girl in school, outside of the cheerleaders, and surrounded herself with a tribe of tall, good-looking sycophants who helped her shine on the court. Cindy was going to leave Bears River and make it big, somehow, and for now, basketball and J.D. were her ticket out.  J.D., broad-shoulders, narrow waist, wavy blonde hair and a bounce to his walk.  Girls sighed out loud as he went by, his "Dudes" and high-fives handed out with a sharp grin and green-eyed sparkle. All the girls loved J.D. and he could have any one he wanted, when Cindy let him.  Rebecca hoped she was next. Rumors whispered that she might be.
   Rebecca had never loved anyone as utterly as she loved J.D. (James Dave, James Dave she recited into her pillow at night). There had been a few crushes in 8th and 9th grade.  Dates with nice boys who kissed awkwardly and held her with clammy hands slow-dancing at proms. J.D. grinned at her and she'd feel a swift pang, a sweet arrow that shot right through her. If he sat next to her, she'd flush and peer at him from the sides of her eyes, blinking with nervousness, worried he might catch her staring at his tight torso, his long legs, enormous, golden-haired forearms.
   Lake Sierra lit up at night when J.D. pulled into the parking lot, Cindy next to him in his yellow jeep standing at the roll bars, her curled brown hair gelled back on the sides like a helmet and everyone yelling "Hey J. D.! Dude!" Now they could party for real. J.D. would vault out the side, his impossible springy strength drawing shouts of admiration all around, guys as excited as girls. He palmed a six-pack like it was a babydoll, pulled a can from the plastic and guzzled it in one long quaff, his gorgeous adam's apple bobbing up and down on that thick, leonine neck. Rebecca squealed and giggled with the rest of the team, a bonfire was struck up, joints passed around.  Kids would pair off later, but first, everyone wanted to get as high as they could, the lake a mirrored glint in the distance, stars pinpointed above, and absolutely no grown-ups around. It was completely awesome.
The Popular Poll
You know you are popular if...

...lots of boys like you.
...lots of girls like you.
...you tell everyone that you are popular and they agree.
...you are a mean bitch with a big posse.

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