Happy Family Life
Chapter 3, page 1

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Bundles of dresses, swathes of stockings and lingerie, boxes of fashionable shoes, and veiled hats draped with spider webs, formed strange shapes in the shadows. No one ventured into the room, unless it was Nate, who might set a trap for wood rats, stub his toe in the dark against a hulking, sheet-shrouded piece of furniture and curse his way back out.
   "Damn cold in that room, always is. Damp too, mildew, plaster rotten, damn room!" The family stuck to the first two floors, with rooms to spare. Rebecca commandeered a downstairs parlor and turned it into a teen paradise with glossy posters, a furry bean bag chair and neon colored bedspread she had splash-painted herself. Her dearest wish was for a mini-fridge but Dorothy wouldn't budge.
   "You'll just fill it with soda pop and that stuff rots your teeth."
   Rebecca had grown into a lovely teenager. Still companionable with her mother and father, not yet ready for boys.  She'd survived the tauntings of schoolmates who asked what it was like to live in "Loony Lily's" haunted house then begged for overnights that promised spooks and giggles.  And though she'd had terrible fits as a young child, Rebecca was well-liked and experienced a normal kid life of girl scouts, birthday parties, best friends and summer camp.
Dorothy wished this golden time of happy family life would last forever, but Rebecca was bound to grow up.  Dorothy waited for the inevitable signs of rebellious frustration.

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