Interior Decor
Chapter 2, page 4

sisters first - sisters last -
sisters even in the grave!
(thank you A.M. Barnard)
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Sound score created with eJay Techno 4 software and Gilbert and Sullivan's
1887 supernatural opera
Ruddigore;or The Witch's Curse,
recorded by
the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company in 1931.

These unread literary works bound in gold embossed leather
towered over Belgian lace doilies, marble statuettes in the Grecian style and all manner of taxidermed creatures trapped under glass domes. Among these treasures, sister Lily, in complementary fashion, placed potted ferns and pink-dotted orchids, African violets and sweet scented bouquets of poppies, blue lupine, yellow fiddleneck, and musky white buckbrush.
    Lily was the younger, and so could not be trusted with expenditures, but she loved to arrange the rooms and brighten the decor with fresh flowers. Pearl liked to shop, and once the goods were acquired, couldn't be bothered with them very much, unless Papa admired a piece. Then she would draw on her excellent memory and recite "Lord & Taylor, New York City at Broadway and 20th, silk and gold brocade, filled with horsehair, $12, shipped by Wells Fargo," or "That's a Bierdstat print, Papa, Albert Bierdstat, our own American painter. It's a view of Yosemite Valley." Trapper would give a grunt of appreciation, that such fine things came from such a distance, and at such a cost, and now resided permanently in his mansion.




Louisa May Alcott wrote many beloved classics for young readers including
Under the Lilacs
and Little Women.
She also wrote "blood and thunder tales" for a more mature audience, such as the novel
 A Long and Fatal Love Chase 
masked by the pen name "A.M. Barnard."

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