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To My Love is now showing at the STATE_ABED International Exhibition,
Split, Croatia, January - February 2014


Other web works by Leslie Wilson:

Virtual Blossom
Berlin Home
mixed-media sculpture,
web animation, ongoing 2013

Virtual Blossom
digital painting/
web page, ongoing 2013

Virtual Blossom
PaperTrail Exhibition
Enfield, Connecticut 2013
ciggie, an imaginary app

Imaginary App Exhibition,
catalog, Museum London, Canada
Virtual Blossom
Virtual Blossom

painting, website, quilt,
ongoing, 2013

Virtual Blossom
Military Flower

oil painting, mixed-media

Scott & Barbara
Number Chatter

3 poem paintings, 2013

Virtual Blossom

animation, website

a slut nixes sex in tulsa
a slut nixes sex in tulsa

Palindrome Painting for
TeamTitanic, 2013

hotelDream, a nightmare

AR* to View exhibition catalogue,
CAA 2013 Conference in
New York City, February, 2013

Scott & Barbara
Scott & Barbara

scan painting, 2012

2013 scan painting for
Vasily Zaitsev's
MON3Y.US exhibition

cross stitch sewing game
a cross-stitch game
for those who embroider

MGC #1
interactive comic
extremely short stories written quickly

very short stories,
written quickly...
about me
About Me
websites, art, games,
and more


Vintage Women's brassiere clip art

Click Here if You Love Me, Chapter 1
prize package
now includes
Vintage Women's Bra & Girdle Clip Art
from the 1950s.
To win your prize, just figure out the password by reading the first chapter of
Click Here if You Love Me!

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